WordPress Installation and Setup

₦ 1,420.00

20% discounts
Per package, Delivered in 1 day

We’ll provide a complete WordPress installation and make your Wordpress website look exactly like the Demo Example.

Benefits: After completion of the project, you will get a complete running WordPress website with your logo and SEO, added with dummy pages as displayed by your Theme demo.

Services Includes 

  • Professional Wordpress Installation (If not installed). 
  • The Installation and Configuration of the demo content. 
  • Adding your brand logo.
  • Installing and Configuring Plugins related to the theme.
  • Setting up SEO Friendly Permalinks. 
  • Design Customization to your needs (Premium plan only).
  • Restore Wordpress Data (Optional)



  • Domain Name
  • Host/Control Panel Login & Your Email Address(If Wordpress not Installed)
  • FTP Login
  • Logo (PNG/JPG format) (Optional)
  • Total Theme File (including Documentation and XML)
  • Wordpress Login (If Wordpress Installed)
  • Name/Link of The Theme's Demo (If the theme has more than One Demo)
Related Package

WordPress Speed Optimization

₦ 12,980.00

15% discounts
Per package, delivered in 4 days

  • Core Optimization
  • Enabling Browser Caching
  • OPTH .htaccess/nginx.conf
  • HTML, CSS & JS Minification.


Website Optimization is the act of making the best or most effective use of your website resource.

We’ll boost your website Loading Time & Optimize Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix, Pingdom FPT and WebPageTest Scores.

Benefits: After completion of the project, you’ll get a higher page score in Google page insights, better customer/user experience that leads to increased traffic.

Service Includes:

  • Core Wordpress Optimization.
  • Enabling Website Page Caching.
  • Enabling Browser Caching.
  • Enabling GZip Compression.
  • HTML, CSS & JS Minification.
  • JS, CSS Manual Combining. (might not work on all sites)
  • Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript Files.
  • Image Optimization, Scaling & Resizing without quality loose
  • Removal of Query Strings
  • Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.
  • Fixing Bad Requests.
  • Configuring ETags
  • Minimizing the number of total requests.
  • Database and Object Caching. (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers)
  • Optimizing .htaccess or nginx.conf file
  • Setting up a Content Delivery Network. (Optional)
  • Implementation of Server Level (Opcode) Caching for VPS/Dedicated Servers.


  • Domain Name
  • Host/Control Panel Login
  • FTP Login


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