Our Story

How to reach us?

Tel: +2348188998999
Email: office@adrites.com

Postal Address

45, Akinloye street Davol Bustop, Iyan Iyesi Adoodo ota, Ogun State Nigeria.

Adrites Multimedia is an end-to-end provider of multimedia products and services. We make effective branding, business application, and advertising that empowers businesses to find customers, sale happily and rapidly.

We are passionate about people, delightful towards businesses, ready to work and support your organizational objectives.

Our Aim

Our aim is to build bridges between your brand and people. Also, to create effective advertising that speaks directly to your target audience based upon your specifications.

Our Strategy

We’re focused on appealing to the needs of your customers & convincing your prospective customers of the value, quality and exclusive nature of your products and benefits of your services on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, we've analyzed situation for customized campaign, remarkable brands, content marketing and user-friendly applications to meet business needs.

Whether you're an established brand or a new market contender, we can help you build through exciting brand and advertising across a variety of advertising mediums including prints, outdoor and digital media.