Image source: Unsplash – quino.

Virtual Assistance

Adrites opened up cost-efficient and reliable desktop sharing, and VOIP, virtual assistants to serve several different clients with a variety of services, such as invoicing, making travel arrangements, or doing research. There’s basically no limit to what virtual assistants can do for your own business at any point in time.

Here are some typical types of tasks for your business needs:

  • Making of phone calls from time to time to your customer
  • Sending of emails from time to time to your customers
  • Provide various levels of customer service
  • Type documents, mail letters, and take notes
  • Serve as a point of contact for other team members
  • Schedule meetings and manage daily calendar
  • Book travel accommodations and car rentals
  • Handle website maintenance and updates
  • Manage servers, networks, and office hardware
  • Provide tech support to customers and vendors
  • Drive traffic to online storefronts
  • Create promotional campaigns and events
  • Find and engage potential customers